meet grace.

grace is a 200-RYT trained in Ashtanga yoga. she started practicing over ten years ago and her practice has deepened beyond asana when her mind, body, and spirit faced an excruciating year. her practice taught her how to live in it, bear it, and breathe through it. yoga teaches her how to connect her breath and body allowing her to recognize that moments of suffering ultimately lead her to freedom. she is able to slow her mind to find stillness, clarity, and united breath.

meet lauren.

lauren is a 200-RYT trained in power Vinyasa yoga. her yoga practice was cultivated over 5 years ago. she began to seek solace in her practice as a release from unsettling life experiences.through yoga she was able to foster trust, and confidence in herself by using the stillness of her mind, and moving presently through her body. yoga enables her to spark healing through radical self acceptance of body, heart, and soul.